To Increase Web Sales, Just Give Your Stuff Away!

If you are serious about really wanting to see a MASSIVE increase in your web conversions, then you need to change just one thing about giving away content…


Right after reading this, go directly to Google (do not pass GO) and look for FORUMS in your business category. If you are a car dealer, you enter “car dealer forums.” There are plenty for any niche…believe me.

When you register for the site, use YOUR WEBSITE DOMAIN as your ID…this is a nice way of having people remember you!

And immediately upon joining, get in there and start following some threads. You’ll see VERY QUICKLY who knows what they’re talking about and who (um) does not.

You need to be a force in here because when people come to see that you indeed know what you’re talking about, they’ll start to follow you through your signature, right to your site. You will become (quickly) an authority. And your willingness to give away what you know that can help others, will be rewarded.

Big time.

It’s a simple process. To get…you need to give first.

Didn’t our parents tell us that one???



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