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Success On The Web: In The Blink Of A Very Overworked Eye!!!

It is incredibly agonizing to watch small web owners be lured down very dark and meaningless internet corners with over promise after over promise. All of which lead to half measures and depleted checking accounts.

The simple, sometimes horrible, fact is that success on the internet is a FULL TIME GIG. Sorry “gurus,” but it is AND YOU KNOW IT!

The web owners that I know best lament the fact that they simply do NOT have the time, the resources or the talents necessary to kill it on the web.

These good people (maybe you) work 12 to 14 hours a day on those elements that they need to focus on most and hope upon hope to see the extensions of that work on their web bottom lines.

Fact is, the marketing of a website, IS A FULL TIME JOB!

The best keyword research.

Article marketing.

Forum participation.


Video marketing.

Web design.

Email marketing.

When are these things supposed to ride in the front of the truck and not out in the cab with the dogs?

TABinteractive was started by two former Madison Avenue heavy hitters who, having lived the ad agency side of things, fully understood that what is needed most right now are MARKETING PARTNERS who are willing to do the DAILY work that the web owners do not have the ability to!

We have the software that finds, builds, rebuilds and then rebuilds the BEST, MOST PROFITABLE KEYWORDS.

We’re the Platinum level article writers who have the software to get your keyword-rich articles to over 550 article sites at the push of a very expensive button.

We’re the guys taking video marketing to the level of getting our clients onto the first page of Google Natural search results within 2 days with a piece of software that is simply stunning!

We’re the agency that trains the Google bots to find our bogs by posting at SPECIFIC intervals DAILY!

And we just happen to be the gang that can harness all that great traffic on YOUR HOME PAGE to get those prospects to BEG you to sell them your goods and services…

Phew…I’m exhausted. But that’s exactly the point. For it is through OUR efforts that YOUR online performance will reach heights you never thought possible.

Ready for the best part (because in this case, there very much is a “best part”)…

TABinteractive, specializing in all of the marketing efforts that will deliver you the best traffic and then convert those prospects with YOUR GREAT CONTENT, is incredibly affordable!

By working with a handful of clients, we can accomplish your marketing for a fraction of what you might think it should cost.

Buckle in.

Because while we refuse to hawk some nonsense e-book or video series or seminar in the desert, we will take a small number of smart clients on a ride they will not soon forget!

Talk soon!



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